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Back on the run

Those who have been paying attention will have noticed that I'm mentioning running again. I kind of stopped running for a while. Mostly while I pretty much stopped blogging, I guess, and mostly for the same reasons: finishing up the thesis whilst moving and starting a new job sucked a lot of spare energy and brain power. But I'm back! 

I kind of caved in in mid-July, and signed up for the Blenheim half. At the time it was about 8 weeks away. I know, that's shorter than your average training plan, but I'm a cocky sod and decided that it was long enough for me to build up to just getting round. It's not like I've been doing nothing, after all. I've been cycling almost every working day, running intermittantly (only a couple of miles at a time, once every few weeks, but it's better than nothing), doing a bit of a weights routine 3-4 days a week, and I started taekwondo, which is one or two hours a week (depending on whether I can do both classes in a week). 

My basic plan has been to run. A lot, a little, whatever I can. I started from almost a running streak principle. Do whatever I can every day, slow, fast, single mile, 3 miles, whatever. Then I've started adding long runs at the weekend, and the number of runs per week seems to have settled at around 4. Again, I started out planning to just progress those slowly from 4 miles on up, but Clarkie has been kind enough to let me run with her on her long runs - I know it irritates her having me bouncing alongside, but the slightly slower pace has allowed me to run longer, sooner. We did 10 miles on Saturday, and it felt pretty good. There are still 3 weekends before the race weekend, so this is actually better prepared now than I've been for at least a couple of other halves. 

I'm impressed how easy it's been to pick back up. I guess that's down to having done a fair few miles and a healthy dose of muscle memory. And actually, I'm really enjoying it! I think, after all this time and all of these miles, I genuinely do actually love running. Who knew?!

(Still not got round to those garden pics. Sorry!)

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