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Plans and whatnot

Welcome to 2016! Yeah, I'm a little late. Meh, whatever. 

So, after a relatively quiet year in 2015, just sitting in and recovering a bit from the push of 2014, what do I have in mind for 2016 then? I don't really do resolutions exactly, more kind of goals. How I get to them is an entirely different matter! 

This year most of my goals are physical. Not sure why, just the way it works. 

  • I want to run a sub-2 hour half. I've got one booked in for March in Bath, and I've got my fingers crossed. It'll take a little work, but my natural easy pace is around 9 min/mile, which is fast enough for sub-2 so I just need to be able to hold that for the full distance. I got pretty close in Blenheim with 2:03, but I was hoping to keep training after that and I picked up a slight injury instead. If I don't get it in Bath I'll see what I can do for an Autumn half. 
  • I want to do a pull-up. I've been using the Nerd Fitness Beginner Body Weight workout, building in some inverted body weight rows instead of just doing the dumbbell rows. I can now do a single chin-up (palms facing towards me) but I still can't do more than one in a row (or from hanging) and can't get myself off the floor with the palms facing away from me. I have no particular reason for wanting to do this, but I don't exactly carry a lot of weight so it shouldn't that hard... Right?!
  • Grade all three times available to me this year for Taekwondo. I started Taekwondo last April, and I managed to grade twice. I'm massively enjoying the Taekwondo. I love my Friday night stretching session, and the kicking is a lot of fun. I can't see any reason why I can't grade all three times, and that would get me to blue belt by the end of the year. 

All of that obviously depends on me staying healthy and not damaging anything. I've got a new job (again!) with a new commute as well, so that will need a bit of working on. We'll see how it all goes. 

On top of those, Clarkie has offered to buy me a new ukulele if I practice lots, so I'm going to try to practice lots! My current uke doesn't tune very well, and I'd really quite like one with geared pegs - I'm hoping they wouldn't slip as much. I want to learn more finger picking than chords - I don't really sing very well, so I'll need the picking for the tune! 

And there's the garden too. I need to grow some veg this year, get the herb bed up and running, get a few more flowers in... 

Could be a busy old year! 

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