October 7th
Friday, October 7, 2016 at 17:45
martian77 in Garden, monthly

We were away last weekend, and daylight is starting to get a bit scarce in the evenings around here now. I've been home a couple of days this week, but I've had a cold so hadn't thought about pictures. Getting back to normal now!

7th October 2016

I can't quite believe those Rudbeckias are still flowering. They are starting to go over now, but they have been pretty darned good. Things are in general looking a wee bit ragged though. It's definitely going into wind-down time. 


Having said that, this is actually a pretty fine display. That's one of my blueberry bushes. I didn't think of blueberries as Autumn colour, but that is a definite bonus. I even had a good crop of blueberries this year, and I hope the damned blackbird enjoyed them. (I did get some. Next year I may have to do nets.)

7th October 2016

There are acorns everywhere - that's mostly what's scattered across the patio. They make one hell of a noise when they hit the shed roof. There's still actually a fair bit of flower out too. The verbena has been wonderful all summer, and the russian sage are still going strong too. I hope they will continue to look good through the winter. 


The sedum is just about at its peak now. I think it looks great against the cordyline. 

7th October 2016

I'm a little worried about the maple. It's lost almost all of its leaves already, without them really changing colour. I'm wondering if it got a little dry and stressed over the summer. We'll see what happens next year I guess. 

Need to get some more bulbs planted for Spring! 

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