Garden diary - 30th May 2016
Monday, May 30, 2016 at 14:05
martian77 in Didcot, Garden, monthly

I've decided that the garden is now developing quickly enough to warrent monthly shots. Actually, I should probably have started in March. Hindsight is wonderful! So today we took the first batch, which will count for the start of June. 

There aren't as many different parts of the garden to take in this house! So that means I can get a few more angles in instead. The first is from the corner of the house out towards the south east:

May 30th 2016

I do like the blue shed. I really do. 

The next angle is from the shed back across, so the reverse of that previous shot:

May 30th 2016

That shot captures the best view of the acer. 

And finally the other diagonal, from the compost bins back to the garage:

May 30th 2016

It's a pretty grey day here, high cloud but solid. The garden doesn't seem to be minding too much though. 

The shots are taken with a wide-angle lens, so might make the garden look bigger than it is. Most of the shrubs are still pretty tiny, so there's lots of change going to happen over the next few years. It is all well under way though, and so far I'm really pleased. 

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