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September 6th

Only a little late with this one. Was a smidge later with the photos than I'd hoped too. Ah well. 

September 6th 2016

The rudbeckia (bright yellow, on the right) are fully out now. I love them. There was a modern garden in Sussex Uni fully planted with these. I never had any success growing them in Brighton though. Here I suddenly have my very own patch. The plant behind them has also shot up. That's a ceanothus, although this year it didn't really flower. I'm hopeful for next year. 

September 6th 2016

A lot of the other colour has died back though. The rose is done for now. The catepillers ate all of the nasturtium. I'm hoping that at least means there were a few more butterflies in the world, and I didn't really need the pesto I was planning. 

September 6th 2016

The runner beans have been a lovely thing though. They were really tasty, although I think the ones left now may be a little tough. Fortunatly the french beans that I put in the potato pots are just about ready to eat, so we won't be without. 

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