My first waistcoat
Sunday, September 25, 2016 at 14:49
martian77 in Sewing, embroidery

I know I haven't been posting whole lot for a while. I've still been making stuff, just not being ever so good at getting around to photos. 

This is a waistcoat I made some point last Winter. 


It's a Burda Style pattern for a 'Steampunk' waistcoat. It was a muslin really, made to check the fit and the sizing and test for difficult bits etc. The outer material is a reasonably stiff, almost linen-like material that I got given by a friend who was having a clear out, and I have a horrible feeling I may now match her curtains! Still, the advice I've seen is to make a muslin from material you might actually wear, on the off-chance that it all works out well, and this one pretty much has.

I lined it with the end of the numbers fabric that I used to make this shirt from.


I didn't have enough fabric left to make sure it all ended up the right way up, but I really like having that fabric there where only I can see it. This is both the first tailored thing I've made, and the first lined piece of clothing I've made. And the first time I've used interfacing, to get the collar to stand up properly. I'm quite pleased that the lining went pretty well. The bit I'm not entirely happy with is the join at the bottom - I ended up doing that by hand because I wasn't really sure how to do it. Maybe next time. 

Because the back was a bit plain and I wanted to, I added some decoration with embroidery.


I've kept it pretty simple - it's just circles, and I've varied the embroidery stitch. Three different colours, I ended up not loving the teal-on-teal effect as much as I thought I would, so more navy and yellow. I could probably have carried on for a while further, but I wanted to get the bottom sewn up and needed to finish the embroidery before I could. 


So that just left the buttons. There are 12 buttons on this top, so they matter. I was tempted to go for big buttons, but when I saw these they just leapt. Brass is not normally my colour, I normally go for silver, but with the teal I thought they would really work and I'm very pleased with the outcome. I had to do the buttonholes without the use of the magical buttonholing attachment on my sewing machine too, because it was just not working at all. I'm not sure what was up with it. Rather chuffed with getting them to look that neat, if I'm honest. 

So, a muslin that didn't really end up being one. I did tweak the fit quite a bit - took a lot off the width to make it fitted and across the shoulders - but I probably could have added a little bit to the length. The colour and shape does look a bit Star Trek if I do the entire thing up, but I don't very often. I found it very easy to wear last winter for work, and all told am very pleased with the result! 

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