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Less borked but still

I promised a picture of my really skinny arm, didn't I?


Pretty, huh?

I got out of the cast and the wires were pulled out on Wednesday. And let's just say that having things that look like tent pegs made out of coat hangers pulled out of your arm is just as lovely as it sounds. I kept my eyes shut! The dressings are hiding the holes.

I'm still wearing a splint most of the time, but taking it off to acclimatise because I'm supposed to stop wearing it this week. There's definitely physio in my future - I can barely move the wrist after 7.5 weeks in plaster. But I can do some really exciting things already, like tie my shoelaces, and this morning I even managed to cut my own fingernails! 

My left-handed writing has improved to the point where I can make spelling mistakes - initially it needed so much concentration that every word was spelt perfectly! But it's still a little wobbly and inconsistent. Lots better than it was though. Definitely legible. I might even keep using it - the extra concentration seems to help with thinking ideas through. We'll see.

The cast is gone, but there's a way to go yet. I'm still pleased to have it back!

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