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App streaks, that is. So many of the apps I use seem to want to keep track of how many days in a row I use them. 

I mean, I get it. I've read about the Seinfeld Strategy. I use the premise of doing small things daily, as I said in this blog post. And I do like watching my numbers increase - who doesn't? And I honestly do believe that it helps to keep going. 


There's always something that comes up. Some reason that you can't continue the streak. Tomorrow, for example, we're going to play in a memorial golf day for a friend who died a couple of years ago. It's a 2.5 hour drive to get there - traffic willing, and the M25 is rarely kind, so we'll be leaving around 7:15 for an 11:08 tee time. The round will probably take 5 hours (give or take), then there'll be food, a raffle, an auction etc. If we leave by 18:00 it'll be a surprise and probably an error given rush hour traffic. By the time we get home, I'm going to be knackered - socialising has that affect, not even including the driving. So through no real fault of my own I'm going to end up breaking my streaks tomorrow.

This used to bother me deeply, particularly on Duolingo where they keep reminding you of your broken streak and offering to let you pay an amount of money to restore the streak. (It was always a disproportionate amount - I've never paid it.) 

It would bother me when this happened when I had no choice about it. So I started deliberately breaking the streak. Ridiculous? Maybe, but I did. And I felt better about the whole thing, except occasionally I would forget to restart my streak again. 

So I was thrilled to discover that Duolingo had introduced the brilliant idea of 'paying' for day-long and weekend-long streak freezes with in-app currency. They then warn you that the streak freeze is about to expire, so you remember to start up again. It's brilliant! Simple, a great use of in-app currency - and let's face it, there's nothing much else to do with it. Now my streak is 315 days and counting, and I'll 'buy' me a freeze for tomorrow and all will be fine. 

Now, if only my other streak-based apps would follow suit, maybe I'd manage to get a double-figure streak in some of those too!

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