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Aiding daily practice

I've been trying to do some things every day. Nothing strenuous, just to build a few things into my daily routine. Stuff like Duolingo for languages, the tiny number of press ups I can actually do, a spot of meditation with the Headspace app. Pretty small things. 

Some things fit better than others. My Duolingo streak is up at 298 days at the moment because it fits in my work lunchbreak, and I've just about managed to keep up at weekends too. I'll admit that the opportunity to buy 'freeze days' and 'weekend amulets' has helped with those days/weekends that I know I just can't, but otherwise I've been very consistent. I think it's helped, although I'm a way off fluent in any I've definitely improved. 

The press ups fit too, because honestly I can do 3 right now. I started at 2. That's not a 300 day streak, they are the latest addition. Takes no time, needs no warm up, just gets done around shower time. 

Meditation is proving significantly harder to fit in. I mean to do it when I get in from work, but sometimes that doesn't happen. And sometimes when it does happen, I get started, and then my lovely wife comes in from her job and shouts hello. We've had some success with me leaving a note on the stairs explaining what I'm doing, but I sort of forget. 

So I've made a flag. 

A message flag.

I've been looking at lots of slow stitching and visible mending and so on on Instagram recently, and figured I could quite enjoy making something a bit less practical than I normally manage. I mean, it still has a use. But the stitching is more decorative than really hard-wearing. 

If this works, I have plans for an entire series! There are multiple things we might want to flag to each other when we get in. And maybe, just maybe it'll help me nail that daily meditation routine.

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