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Busy weekend!

Well, I made it down to see GG. Glad I wasn't driving. I spent most of the train trip asleep! Which meant that the sleeve didn't get as much work on it as I was hoping. (I was also beginning to believe I'd got the shape of it wrong, and it was going to need more wool than I wanted. But more on that in a mo!)

Saturday afternoon we were going to look at the house we've offered on near Brighton. I hadn't seen it yet! Naturally, it was tipping down, which does put a bit of a dampener on seeing houses, because a big thing for me is having lots of light, and when the weather's that bad it's very hard to judge. But I think it will do very nicely. The rooms are a good size, and it was easy to imagine living there. Just got to sell mine now!

Then we had about 6 hours to kill before going on to a birthday party the other side of Brighton. It just didn't make sense to go back to GG's house, so we went for lunch at the Marina, a bit of a wander round, sat and flaked for a bit in the car in front of Rodean, then went and parked in Brighton and did a little, tinsy bit of shopping before getting tea (well, hot chocolate and a chai tea latte) in Borders. Yummy. I really enjoyed it, but it'll be better when we live a bit nearer.

The party was good too - although I still don't sing in public. Kareoke isn't my cup of tea.

Sunday the weather was foul. GG managed an 80 minute run, with me cycling next to her. Best one yet I think! Much better than the last one we did. Just a bit of a shame that my lungs have been hit by this cold thing again, so I couldn't join her other than on the bike. If I'm not careful, it's going to be really really hard to complete the half marathon we're doing in April. But there's no point pushing it, I've been ill enough this winter already! As it was I got a bit cold. Waterproof gloves would have helped.

I was extremely tired yesterday. Really. Got some simple house-keeping things done, and a bit more knitting. I managed to work out that I hadn't got the shaping wrong on the sleeves I was knitting, and each one is taking just one ball of wool. Which is good, because that leaves me 2.5 for the yoke, which should be more than enough. It's good to have a safety margin!

Tonight I need to hoover. Maybe do some dusting... Gosh, a really exciting night in!


Well again

No really. I mean, I made it into work, so I must be, right?

That's what I'm telling myself, anyway. Definitely not sick. Feel top of the world. Really. Gotta cycle to the station yet today... Don't want to drive feeling this spaced when I can be knitting... Or sleeping.

House was in the local paper last night. Fingers crossed they have some viewings this weekend... I dropped off a set of keys yesterday, got it all almost tidy this morning, so it's as ready as I could get it while feeling lousy this week. Going to see the other house tomorrow for the first time, so let's hope I like it and it's not quite as pink as it looks in the photos...



Yup, still ill. Nearly made it into work, was all dressed, breakfasted etc, but then felt awful. Started on the first sleeve now. This could be a quick knit! Gone back to English, and my hands much prefer it.

Just had a revised bill from Powergen. About £100 more than I was expecting, again. So I've just phoned them up, again. And gone through my bills very carefully on the phone. I think we've found it. I have consecutive bills, up to the 6th December, then one from 6th December through 11th Feb. Somewhere between the bills, the night reading for the 6th December has dropped by 2400 units. So effectively, they are trying to charge me twice for that 2400 units of power. Now, a night unit is 3.45 pence. So 2400 of them is £82, and that would explain why the bill is around that much more than I was expecting.

Lesson? Who knows? Always check your bills carefully! And we'll wait and see what the next revised bill says... I'm not about to hold my breath though.



Well. Being sick certainly seems to help my knitting! I've got right up to the armpits already. No photos today though. I've been trying to work out some sleeves now. I've got the measurements, but I'm a smidge worried about them being tighter than I would normally wear. I'm just going to have to try it I think.

I did get some very exciting news about a long term project today. But I don't wnt to jinx anything I'm afraid. I'll write down everything later, in a month or so when it will either be a very exciting reality or just another dream.

A bit of stress, and I still don't feel well at all. I need to sleep again I think... I can't really take 3 days off work just for a cold though!



Have definitely come down with a cold. Marvelous! Gone straight to my lungs this one... Got a great hacking cough going on. If I only smoked I would at least have something to blame it on!

So. I've spent the day glued to my sofa, knitting, snoozing, and eating.

The red jumper is growing as a result.

Maya partial

I've done a knitted hem, with a Saxon braid up the front. I have plans for that braid up around the v-neck, but we'll have to see how that goes. I'm pretty pleased so far. I'm just about to start increasing up my rib cage again.

That's not a bad colour representation, I guess... A little brighter than it looks normally. This second image of the ball is a little better I think.

maya colour

Slightly less orange... It's beautiful wool. It's Debbie Bliss Maya, which I think is actually Manos Del Uruguay. This red was end of line, and I love it. Really really love it. I'm aiming for a warm, casual, shallow v-neck which will look fantastic with jeans and a white t-shirt, or a bit posher with black trousers and a shirt. The wool doesn't need the detail of the cabling, but I've got a lot of plain jumpers now.

I did also have to nip out for some food, because sod's law dictates I always get ill when completely out of easy food. And on the way back in it was sunny on my patio, and I decided to take some quick shots with my new camera. Here's a seriously cut down version of one:

primula small

I've actually got it at a much higher resolution. It's just a little primula, and when the sun's not on it it looks purple... I love it! Got some other snaps, of some different plants. The snowflakes didn't really photograph too well, but the others came out nicely. I love having a digital! I'd never have taken those with my film camera.

Oh, and my house is on Rightmove.co.uk now... We're progressing. Just gotta wait for some interest now...