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No whinging about solicitors today. I promise.

I finished my knitpicks turqouise scarf! Woohoo!

Lace scarf

And look! It was sunny. Not now, but there you are. It was knit using some knitpicks stuff... I'll find the exact name in a mo. And it's the little leaf scarf, just one repeat thinner. I have no idea if it's longer or not, I didn't count how many times I did the 4-row repeat! I do like the colour.

And as well as that, I have many baby strawberry plants growing.

Baby Strawberry Plants

They are alpine strawberries, and yes, that is a plastic bottle they are growing in. They are getting to the stage that i need to pot them up... I grew them from seed, and I'm pretty chuffed with the number that emerged. We'll have to see how many survive replanting...


The ongoing saga

Ok. I've just been into town and sorted out the signed statutory declaration that I have had no problems accessing the carpark with my car. Very odd. Had to pick it up from my solicitor, who had to make sure it was acceptable to the buyer's solicitor, and then take it to a third solicitor to solumnly declare and all that in front of him that it was true and my name and writing, and then drop it back to my solicitor. All for £7 to the third solicitor.

Yay for Rusty, my office bike. Getting into and around town is so much easier by bike. I also treated myself to a coffee.

Anyway, now all we have to do is wait for confirmation of the exchange (hopefully Monday) and all will be well.

Our solicitor's office is… Ummm… Sparse. An enormous desk (inlayed with red leather), no computer, walls lined with bookshelves filled with leather-bound books of law reports and statutes. It smelt and sounded (the pedestrianised street below, shop signs swinging in the wind) like my old college rooms on Market Square. They are probably of a similar age, at a guess.

I've got to get some work done. I've got this deadline coming up, and at the moment it's not working. Maybe now I can concentrate for a bit. Maybe...

[Update] No, no, that was too much to hope for. Now the other side, the person I'm buying from, is hassling for news... Still, I guess that's a good thing...



Why can't this house stuff just be simple?!

The woman buying my house is desperate to exchange contracts. Fine. I have no problem with that. Her solicitors have been coming up with nitpicky little problems, not mine. The latest was going to cost me £200.

In her haste to get contracts exchange (she needs to, to get her son into the local school) she's now agreed to pay that. Fine. I have no problems with that either. So tell the solicitor, all goes well, exchange tomorrow, everyone happy.

You'd think. Except my solicitor is on holiday, and the person who's looking after my stuff while she's away is with a client. So I can't get the news to her, and that's going to mean more hassle for me from the buyer.

In the meantime, I have no idea what's happening on the place that I'm buying. Last I heard (2 days ago) my solicitor (well, the standin, anyway) had received some information we'd been waiting for. Great. What does it say?

All of this is not helped by the fact that the village post arrives after I've left for work, so I'm permanently left thinking there will probably be something waiting for me when I get home.

Still, I've resigned now. So this all has to work eventually...

[Update] Still having issues. This morning I managed to speak to our solicitor, and explain that we want to exchange. I've provisionally booked a removal van, even. Then my solicitor got back to me and said that the other solicitors won't exchange today until they have a signed piece of paper from me and some search that they haven't mentioned before. That will take 2 days. A search that checks there are no ancient rights of way across our shared tiny and hemmed in by houses carpark. No, seriously.

Why does common sense have seemingly no part to play in law?



I've finally got around to recharging the batteries in my camera again, so I can show some photos!

With the nicer weather, the garden (such as my garden is - what with moving, I've not got any tomatos this year!) is producing colour. I've got a couple of geraniums, both cranesbill I think.

Two geranium flowers, 1 blue 1 pink.

I know the blue one is a Johnson's Blue, because I bought that last year. I wanted it for a pot that was sitting in front of my house, and when I came to plant it I discovered the other geranium in it. I decided that wasn't doing too well there, so moved it into my tiny strip of soil out back. No idea what the flowers would look like, so that was a really nice surprise! I love the veins on it.

To be fair, the Johnson's Blue didn't do too well either. I finally caved in and let it have light, which is working out pretty well. And there's a little of the pink one still in the tub I think, so I'll get to take both with me when I move.

Then there was a mystery pansy. Every year, my Mum gets me a hanging basket for my birthday in November. It has yellow pansies, and blue pansies, and yellow violas normally. It's bright and cheerful all winter, although I do normally lose it when it starts needing watering more than once a week! This pansy was a self-seeded offspring from that basket.


There seems to have been some cross-pollination going on! Pretty though. It's still going strong, although this year's hanging basket is now dead...

On the knitting front, well yes, there has been some. I know, I've been keeping it quiet. But I started on Rosedale, and now have both sleeves done and have started on the body.


Why no, it doesn't look much like the one in the pattern. I don't have any Kureyon. I do have lots of Charisma cashmere lambswool, 80% recycled fibre, aran weight. And I have enough of the knitpicks Andean Silk left over from Otis to do the contrast in that. This is going to be a warm and practical jacket, for work and pleasure. Although it looks grey, there are actually flecks of colour throughout the grey, from the recycling I guess.

Wool closeup

Nice huh? Well, I like it and that's all that matters. Although the corrugated ribbing was a right pain to do. Even doing two-handed colour-work type stuff.

Haven't driven to work yet in June. Good mileage happening here!

And the house-move saga is grinding slowly on. Grrr at slow-moving solicitors...


Red jumper

This is a somewhat belated blogging effort - took the photo ages ago, meant to get one of me wearing it, but haven't managed yet. So, here's the one of it blocking instead.

red finished

This was knit to my own non-pattern, out of Debbie Bliss Maya. I knit it on 5 mm needles. It has a knitted hem, subtle shaping on the sides, and the sleeves are just that little bit too long that I like. It's toasty, and I love the colour. There is a 4 cable braid going up the front of the jumper, which splits at the v and that part (not the cable, the v) gave me all sorts of issues! I think I've resolved them pretty successfully in the end...

It's a bottom-up raglan, only finishing required (after spit splicing the joins) was to sew up the underarms and attach the braid collar. Simple!