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Finally heard from the second referee that I need for my University of Sussex application. Apparently he's been out of the office for the last two weeks. Figures.

Reference on its way, application sorted and can be posted.

Just the house to go then...


Hot hot hot!

Finally, the weather got above 20 degrees. Waaaay above. Closer to 30. So it's a good job I like it hot, right?

Still cycling lots, which is good. It feels like it's getting easier, so that's a bonus. It certainly helps my motivation when the weather is gorgeous with hardly any wind! But I'm hoping that a lot of miles now and I'll be so used to it when it gets windy again that I won't be quite so easy to deter.

Cricket at the weekend was good, although the team we were supposed to be playing against conceded the game through lack of players. We ended up playing a quick friendly, and I strung together a reasonable innings. I'm not saying I batted well particularly, but I stayed there for a long time, and I needed to do that for a while. Hopefully that's going to pay off in the next few matches too.

The move is still stalled at the moment, while the solicitors have their pernickity way. Getting quite fed up now. I just want to move. Half of my belongings are in boxes, but it's getting harder to know what stuff to pack when I don't have a moving date. GG is doing most of the packing if I'm honest, and is just as wound up about the whole thing as me.

On top of that, I still haven't received the second reference I need for my job/university placement for September. It's been a while now... I'm going to have to chase him. Grrr....

It will all work, I know it will. Just right now we don't seem to be getting anywhere.


Happy absentee

A silly song my dad sings:

Sunshine sunshine a happy day,
Off to the cricket match I'm away,
Somebody else can work for me
I'm the happy absentee!

GG is playing cricket for Surrey today at the Oval, against the MCC.

I should have called in sick...


Baking day!

Well, cooking evening, anyway. I've been positively domesticated tonight!

I got fed up of work by about 4.30, so made it home about 5.30. Since then I've watered my plants, showered, washed my whites, made lentil, carrot and onion soup for lunch for the next two days, cooked a butternut squash risotto for dinner tonight (and enough left over to reheat tomorrow), and made brownies. Not bad going really!

I am running out of steam a bit now though. Just a little bit more clearing up after myself. Don't want to ruin the domestic effort with a messy kitchen. (Oh, and I need to put the bread machine on...)



So, I was all set to wimp out on the cycling again this morning, and texted GG to say so. She texted back something about just needing to keep the pedals going round, I decided she was right, and cycled after all.

She's the best. Very encouraging of my hobbies and eccentricities. Hooray!

Of course, I had a tailwind all the way in. I may not be quite so cheerful on the way home. But that does mean that I cleared the 250 mile goal I set myself for this month. Sounds good until you realise I did 200 miles in 8 days... What was I doing the rest of the month?!