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Back again

Florida was just what I needed. Two weeks, doing virtually nothing, lovely and warm. We spent a lot of time sitting in the sun with books and me knitting one thing or another, and eating loads, and sleeping lots too. Great! We did also do quite a lot of shopping, and we spent 2 days in Disney World. One in MGM, one in Epcot. Lovely as ever.

And then the day after I came back I had a big interview day for the job thing I've been after in Brighton for quite a while now. It's a part-time Masters course in Human Centred Computing Systems at Sussex University (over 2 years), with a part-time job at American Express attached. Now, I do already have 1 meaningful Masters degree in engineering from Cambridge, and my freebie one that Cambridge give you for just breathing right or something, so another Masters may seem overkill, but this is in a very different area. And the part-time job will allow me to pay a mortgage, so GG and I can buy that house together on two salaries.

This is the thing I've been working on that I hadn't wanted to jinx by talking about too much. I've been in the process of applying since before Christmas - there were so many rounds! The final one was this interview on the first jet-lagged day back. I was a bit concerned. But adrenaline is a wonderful thing... And they've given me the job! I'm waiting for the contract to arrive, I start September 4th (academic stuff, so a bit of a wait). Woohoo! Yeehaw! And many other joyful noises!

It's really going to happen. It really really is. And now we have a date for when it must have happened by. It is such a relief, and so exciting! All the baby steps are starting to come together.

Photos of exciting things like what I was knitting, knitpicks hauls, and possibly some of Disney, as and when I have uploaded them...

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