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Yesterday was traffic hell around here. It took me an hour each way to get to work and back. It's 12.5 miles. I can cycle it faster than that. I wasn't even in rush hour. I left home at 9.20, and left work at 6.

As a result, I was tired, pissed off, and generally unhappy last night. No, the hoovering did not get done. And I didn't pack my bag for today, so no, I didn't manage to cycle this morning and avoid the traffic.

Tonight I'm going to see my parents to pick up some keys before GG and I go on holiday. They will feed me, and I am going to stay there all evening. I will use Rusty to get there, so the traffic will not matter. Tomorrow morning I will use Rusty to get back into work. A nice leisurely 6 mile ride. Again, the traffic will not affect me. I will go to bed early, and get up relatively late.

And hopefully I will feel better for it.

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