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Busy weekend

I didn't mean to have a busy weekend, but somehow it happened. Strange!

On Saturday we decided to go on a bit of a roadtrip and sort out a few things. We started out heading across to visit GG's parents, to pick up some spare bedding for some friends to use next weekend. It was a good thing, because our milk had gone off so we couldn't have a cup of tea in the morning! Disaster! Fortunately we got one relatively quickly - parents are great at that sort of thing.

Then we headed up to Heathfield. This was an information gathering expedition. I've had this long term dream of getting a wood stove, and GG has agreed that it would be nice instead of the gas one we've got at the moment. In fitting with the permaculture idea, I've been trying to identify a few reasons to go for it. So far I've come up with the ash for the garden, cheaper heat from a different source (spreading the risk of one fuel source failing), and the aesthetic real fire thing. A lot of the other pros I can think of also apply to a gas fire, but there you go. Anyway, we went to find a stove shop to look at real ones and ask some questions. It was really useful. We've managed to put a price around it and work out a next step, so that's all very exciting!

Then as we were walking back to the car we passed a carpet shop with some reduced offcuts. One of which was just perfect for our office/third bedroom. Buying carpet on a whim is a little unusual, but it was half price! So yeah. That just about fitted in the car, but meant for the rest of the day we were sitting one in front of the other!

So, from there we headed on up to Kent. I want to get some fruit trees, and thought that the national fruit collection at Brogdale might be a good place to start asking some questions and gathering more information. Heh. Yeah. That didn't work out so well. Contrary to what might be suggested by their website, they don't actually sell trees. When I asked I was given the address of a nursery in Maidstone. So that was a real wasted journey, and would have been a total let down if it hadn't been for the nice cup of tea and sandwich we had. Hardly compensation.

From there we went on to visit my friend Ruth and her baby Ben in Chatham, which was lovely. Just an hour or so home, and we made it in time for the rugby and everything.

Sunday was a little more quiet. We obviously had to go and buy some underlay to go with the carpet. And we went to the garden centre too. There was a tree I wanted to give a little more shelter and privacy in the back garden, so now we have a little purple filbert . I picked up a couple of dicentra that were half price, and a couple of thyme plants that were on 2 for 1, and GG found some fence panels for the front garden. They caused a bit of a stir when we got to the checkout because they had no price tag, and eventually the manager came out and said we could have them for half price because they were the last two and he wasn't getting any more. So our weekend was full of half-price bargins!

So, now all we have to do is put a fence up and carpet a room. Oh, and finish putting some terraces in. Don't know what we'll do tomorrow evening...  

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