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Cheating (kinda)

Given that it was so windy yesterday, you could say I cheated on the running. I got my rollers out, set my Trek up, and cycled for 45 minutes instead. Well, about that, anyway. Slightly over 2 episodes of G Force: Battle of the Planets which GG was kind enough to buy me the entire series of! It's kind of a cheat, because running uses different muscles, and I didn't really cycle for long enough, but it's definitely better than doing nothing, and I sweated buckets! (I know that needed saying... )

I'm going to be doing the same thing tonight too - it's still really windy. Definitely a blustery March period. But the plants are still doing the rapid growing thing, so I'm full of hope that summer will arrive eventually, and winter is definitely on the way out... Although I'm not convinced it's going to be especially warm for the first couple of cricket matches of the year. They are only a month away now, and it needs to warm up fast!

It had the advantage that I finally switched the back tyre over on the Trek. The old one didn't look so bad, but I know how long it's been on there. Don't want to risk punctures just because of an old tyre! It could do with a new chain too. But I over-spent on holiday (US prices! Can't help it!) so it'll have to wait until next month's credit card bill.

No knitting last night, due to a frantic tidying fit brought on by the threat of an estate agent visit! I've actually got an offer on the house already, but from people who need to sell their house too. If I can shorten the chain a bit, that would really help. So fingers crossed that I got it tidy enough, and the new visitors like it...

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