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D Day

So, Friday was d.Construct. Woohoo!

I was extremely over-excited, and having won tickets that meant that GG could come with me (her work wouldn't pay, but were happy to let her go for free...) she humoured me nicely and we pre-registered Thursday night. She didn't want to go to the pre-party though, and I wasn't too fussed, so we went to the library and had chips for dinner instead.

I really enjoyed all the talks, with highlights being Jared Spool, Cameron Moll and Tom Coates (who I need to get in touch with about a couple of his references... He mentioned some energy feedback stuff that would be really handy for my dissertation.). I enjoyed Matt Webb's Experience Stack talk too, even if he's ripped it apart! It picked up on some interesting ideas, and I'll definitely be having a look at some of the books he mentioned. The talk on project management ideas by Leisa Reichelt was interesting, particularly with my line manager sitting there and given just how slowly we are getting prototypes turned around.

All in all, much fun. We did briefly get to the after party, mostly because the buses were being shite! All good. Although a little surreal when I got nobbled by someone from backstage.bbc.co.uk for my opinions on accessibility and what I'd improve on social sites.

I love the ideas and the buzz at events like this. I feel really enthusiastic and buoyed and like I can't wait to get involved in it all. And it feels really good! Wish I'd done a little more networking, but I did feel like I knew more people than I expected so that was pretty good too. GG enjoyed it too, but is even more determined to get a new job, and a little more depressed about her current one.

Thanks to the Clearleft guys. We had a great time.

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