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Have definitely come down with a cold. Marvelous! Gone straight to my lungs this one... Got a great hacking cough going on. If I only smoked I would at least have something to blame it on!

So. I've spent the day glued to my sofa, knitting, snoozing, and eating.

The red jumper is growing as a result.

Maya partial

I've done a knitted hem, with a Saxon braid up the front. I have plans for that braid up around the v-neck, but we'll have to see how that goes. I'm pretty pleased so far. I'm just about to start increasing up my rib cage again.

That's not a bad colour representation, I guess... A little brighter than it looks normally. This second image of the ball is a little better I think.

maya colour

Slightly less orange... It's beautiful wool. It's Debbie Bliss Maya, which I think is actually Manos Del Uruguay. This red was end of line, and I love it. Really really love it. I'm aiming for a warm, casual, shallow v-neck which will look fantastic with jeans and a white t-shirt, or a bit posher with black trousers and a shirt. The wool doesn't need the detail of the cabling, but I've got a lot of plain jumpers now.

I did also have to nip out for some food, because sod's law dictates I always get ill when completely out of easy food. And on the way back in it was sunny on my patio, and I decided to take some quick shots with my new camera. Here's a seriously cut down version of one:

primula small

I've actually got it at a much higher resolution. It's just a little primula, and when the sun's not on it it looks purple... I love it! Got some other snaps, of some different plants. The snowflakes didn't really photograph too well, but the others came out nicely. I love having a digital! I'd never have taken those with my film camera.

Oh, and my house is on Rightmove.co.uk now... We're progressing. Just gotta wait for some interest now...

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