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Found - one scooter

Originally posted over on 20six.co.uk...

Last weekend we dug out a couple of big beds. I blogged about it. I showed a nice neat picture of what our new beds looked like, and where we were leaving lawn.

What I should perhaps have mentioned is that where I stopped, near the back fence in front of the compost heap, I had just found something buried. Something that felt large, and that needed digging up. But it was getting a bit cold and dark by that point, so I left it. I figured it was an old sheet of something.

During the week, when she got home early enough, GG has been having a go at digging it out. I think she likes digging. Anyway, it was bigger than we thought. And not obvious what it was at all. But taking quite a lot of digging.

It being the weekend again, GG was determined to remove the item. So out she went again...

scooter emerging

This is what she had by the time I got out there. We were starting to get a bit worried, because amongst the other stuff that had come up were these:

scooter tyre

number plate

Not great. Thinking an entire buried car at this point. That section was going to be my veg patch. Now this really is pretty deep digging!

Eventually, with both of us digging by now, we got it to this stage. Can you tell what it is yet?


How about now?


Yes, that's right, it's a scooter. I know we're on the outskirts of Brighton, I know it's very trendy and all, but really now. A buried scooter? GG reckons it would go better with wheels...

Anyhoo, it still had the headbadge attached.


I've done a bit of research, and based on little things like the type of seat, the position of the headlamp etc, I think we've found a lambretta li series 1. If we could find a frame number, we could probably age this sucker. It's pretty impressive (and surreal - a scooter. Really!).

So, that's had a slight effect on our nice neat photo from last week. Lask weekend, that end of the garden looked like this:


And all of that rubbish on the concrete came out of that end patch. So the soil level may be a little low! Still. We found a scooter! That bed shall henceforth be known as the scooter bed. Even if I am still planning to grow my veggies in it!

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