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Yup, still ill. Nearly made it into work, was all dressed, breakfasted etc, but then felt awful. Started on the first sleeve now. This could be a quick knit! Gone back to English, and my hands much prefer it.

Just had a revised bill from Powergen. About £100 more than I was expecting, again. So I've just phoned them up, again. And gone through my bills very carefully on the phone. I think we've found it. I have consecutive bills, up to the 6th December, then one from 6th December through 11th Feb. Somewhere between the bills, the night reading for the 6th December has dropped by 2400 units. So effectively, they are trying to charge me twice for that 2400 units of power. Now, a night unit is 3.45 pence. So 2400 of them is £82, and that would explain why the bill is around that much more than I was expecting.

Lesson? Who knows? Always check your bills carefully! And we'll wait and see what the next revised bill says... I'm not about to hold my breath though.

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