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I am broken

Monday evening, and GG has left. Ho hum.

Today we took another baby step towards our house. We got our mortgage application approved in principle, and the application in. We also sorted out our insurance, barring the buildings and contents, and paid for the mortgage valuation survey on the house we want. So it's happening, it's real. It's exciting!

First cricket match of the season, I scored 21 and retired. I went in at number 2, and hung around for 20 overs while the other opener knocked 51. It was just a friendly, so we thought we ought to retire at 20 overs so the others could bat. Not being arrogant, but we just thought we ought to really! I don't score quickly, but it was nice to get bat on ball again. Kept wicket, was a bit rusty if I'm honest. And one of the bats kept swinging all the way around when I was keeping up, and she spooked me a bit. I'll get back in the swing of it.

In the meantime however, apparently a season of playing sporadically (not my choice!) has left my leg muscles a little out of shape! 38 overs (or 228 squats) has left me crippled today. Hopefully it'll ease up quickly. My quads are really sore today...

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