I'm bad
Wednesday, March 22, 2006 at 12:27
martian77 in General

Yes, still no pictures. And I took some specially too. Oh well, eventually.

Cycled today! Very slowly - which is a bit concerning, because the wind was definitely behind me and is going to be in my face all the way home. It was a lovely morning. Sunny! Hooray! And I went on the farm roads rather than the faster main road, and only saw two cars really near the end of it. In fact, traffic was pretty good all the way, but the farm road was idyllic. Sun, wind behind me, birds twittering, fields either side... Just a shame I was coming into work!

I have no idea whether the roadworks that caused me to shread a tyre are still in place on the direct route home. Which is awkward, because if I'm dealing with a headwind I'd like as many cars to draft as possible, and my alternative route is quiet. Still, I think the wind is due to drop a bit, and if I'm honest it's not particularly strong now.

GG is on a course today, which means she's not emailing me. Boo hiss!

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