Kate Rusby Take 2
Monday, October 8, 2007 at 13:40
martian77 in General

We went to see Kate Rusby at the Hawth in Crawley last night. I've been to see her before, at the Dome in Brighton (hence the take 2!).

I like her live show. I love watching people have fun on stage. You can kind of picture the band sitting in a pub somewhere doing the same sort of thing for fun (with added beer). It was a shame she had a bit of a cold going on, but it was only noticeable in a couple of places. She's very funny between songs too. She'll give brief overviews of the songs, or tell stories from the trip or whatever, and quite often it all gets a bit surreal when the rest of the band join in with banter.

Apparently she's also a favourite with a lot of the backstage people she works with. GG works at the Hawth for panto at Christmas, so she knows the techies and they love her, and one of my friends works with a lot of musicians up in Yorkshire and she thinks she's great too. Always a good sign!

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