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Nightmare journey from hell

My trip to work this morning was not good. It started badly with being woken at 5.10am, but I overcame that to sleep until 7ish, then laze in bed until 7.30ish. Then I missed the second bus by about 4 minutes (I think it was a little early - or our clocks are slow - and I was a little late), which lead to missing the train by 11 minutes. Then I tried to be clever and use an alternative route, but that connection didn't work out, so then I nearly missed the train I would have got had I not tried to be clever. 35 minutes late to work.

Since then, things have not got any better. So, in an effort to distract myself with pleasant thoughts, have a knitting update.

First up I have a project that's giving me hand-ache.

handache 2


This is knit in Knitpicks Telemark in Alpine Frost, on 3mm needles because I wanted a nice dense fabric. This is supposed to replace a much loved but now very ratty Lands End jumper. But I had to make it a little more complicated, and add the cables down the shoulder. These have been 'borrowed' from Jodi Green's Durrow, but I made them go all the way up the shoulders. This is my stay at home and knit in front of telly project, but our telly's broken and I don't seem to have been at home a lot recently.

Next we have a baby jumper:


This is the Pea Pod sweater from Interweave. I've got a little further on it, but not a lot. I'm knitting it in Sirdar Luxury Soft Cotton double knit in Ruby Red, on 4mm needles. I like the pattern, but I got distracted. Better get back on it though, because the baby it's intended for has made his appearance... Good job I went for the 3 month size.

Finally, I got totally distracted by this wool:


I used the justification that I needed a really simple, no looking knitting piece for both county champs and cricket week to start on a v-neck tank top for me. This is Twilley's of Stamford freedom Spirit, 100% wool. It's lovely. It's also very sticky. This is the thing I was knitting that inspired the knitting fool entry. Frogging it is not easy. This is good, because I've decided to try steeking on this project. Right now I've got it finished, I just need to be at home and feeling alert enough to do the sewing and cutting part. Eek. I'll post before and after shots, of course.

I think that's all I've got actively on the go at the moment... Not all I'm dreaming up though. Loads more of that...

There. I feel better already.

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