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Oh happy (Fri) day!

It's Friday again! Made it... And sound the trumpets because it's another bank holiday Monday. Mayday this time.

I'm travelling again tonight, and this time I'm planning to cycle between Kings Cross and Victoria, rather than having it thrust upon me. So anyone in that area between... oh... 5.40 and 6.15... seeing a small girl woman on a small bike with small wheels and a big blue bag with a cricket bat handle sticking out of it, give me a wave.

Of course, it'll totally freak me out if someone does...

First cricket match of the season on Sunday, so fingers crossed it stays dry and I don't get a golden duck.

Monday we have an appointment with the mortgage advisor to get all of that set up. Thank goodness for people working on bank holidays, and thank goodness it's not me!

Now, roll on 4.00, and let the adventure begin!

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