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Made it into work today. I cycled pretty slowly... It took me an entire hour on the Trek, which is very unusual. And standing on the pedals wasn't an option. But I made it! And I think treating it as a nice recovery ride should actually help. Although searching on Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (or DOMS) is not great reading, because general consensus is that there's no (reliable) way to hasten the recovery. Personally I lean towards ibuprofen, and gentle massage. Oh, and food. Lots of food, preferably meaty. Which is unusual for me, but all I know is that I abruptly start craving things like steak pie, so I figure I should listen to my body at least a little!

Had breakfast out on my patio for the first time this year this morning. I have a very sheltered patio, that faces the early sun. Fresh black coffee and toast sitting in the sun makes me feel so much better about the entire day!

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