Self-seeded recovery
Tuesday, September 25, 2007 at 18:27
martian77 in Garden

Around April, May time I lost all the borage plants I'd grown from seed to mildew. I wrote it off as a bad experiment and too late to plant more, and left them.

Then I started to find seedlings in the herb bed. I'd been warned that borage self-seeds rapaciously, but I wasn't sure my plants had had time to get to that bit before they keeled over! Anyway, they're pretty easy to spot so this time I took out all but 3 to give them enough air and space. They've been gorgeous...


I find them perculiarly beautiful. The flowers are individually pretty, but it's actually the red stems they sit on and the light catching the hairs that seems to add even more.

I'm not the only one to appreciate them either:

Stop and smell the flowers

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