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I'm going to be going away for a couple of weeks, so there won't be much going on for a while! Off to Florida to warm up and sleep lots. The project I don't want to jinx will be taking another step forward when I get back, so I'll be able to write everything down about it by the end of next month! Hopefully with a successful conclusion, but that's still up in the air. I'm working on it.

The coving finally got painted this weekend. Yay! So I can take the ladder back to my parents, and put the paint up in the loft out of the way. Unfortunately it didn't get painted until Sunday, and people came to look round on Saturday. Actually, still waiting to hear from the agent about that! Need to phone him. I was out all day Saturday. Cricket training with Redoubtables in Saarf London, followed by a team-run quiz night. We didn't get back home until gone 1.30, so Sunday was a day for moving very slowly. And climbing ladders whilst wielding paintbrushes, apparently!

I've also started knitting a lace scarf with some knitpicks shimmer I got at Christmas. It's very much at the bucket of boiled arse stage (to quote Rabbitch). I dunno. Hopefully the magic of blocking will sort it all out! I'm surprised how unwieldy my long straight needles feel after knitting with dpns or circular, but I don't have any circular in 3.75mm yet. I was thinking this could be a travel project for the 8 hour flight, but I'm worried about the long needles. Might have to rethink.

Not finished the red jumper yet. But I've got to the yoke stage, and it's definitely too bulky to travel with! I'm getting some more knitpicks wool too, for my latest challenge - a bulky, striped, fleece-lined jumper. Well, two of them. One for me, one for GG. Same design, different colours and stripe patterns, so it shouldn't look like we're in hers and hers matching too much! I'm planning to keep it a simple, drop-shoulder jumper, so it should be fine.

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