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So close

Well, I was so close to having a finished object today. That red jumper I started so long ago... I got the v finished. I'd brought the cable up either side of the shoulders and along the back. I seamed the back seam. I put it on to have a look...

Nah. Collar not right at all. Looked like a cowl, or the start of a hood.

Hi ho, hi ho, a ripping we will go...

The problem is I'm making it up as I go along, doing something with the neckline unlike anything I've tried before. The v would be fine, if I were then picking up the stitches and knitting inwards like a normal collar. Me, I want to keep the cable going up and round, and that's the wrong way to just pick up the stitches. I was trying to join it as i went, so kind of like a flat i-cord. But that hasn't worked. Next attempt is to cast off the body, then knit the cable separately and stitch it on. That might work. But I think I want to add a couple of short rows to the back of the body, to just close the neck-line in a bit too. Again, winging it! You never know... It might work...

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