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Sorry Sunday

I'm not a big fan of Sundays anymore. Either I have to travel from GG's house, or she leaves me. And today she's had to leave early because she's got to go do a tech rehearsal for a panto in Crawley.

But a brief progress report on the weekend.

We did both runs this weekend! Woohoo! We didn't do the intervals, we just went for time plodding. We did 25 minutes on Saturday, and 75 minutes today. So that's something to be proud of!

We've also put a whole load of stuff from my bike store (under the stairs!) up into the loft, tidying that so that people can see the size better. It looks loads better, but I couldn't resist taking a photo of my two favourites while I was there.

Bike Store 2006

Gorgeous, huh? Although the Trek (on the left) is filthy. Side effect of my commute to work. I'm having to give it a bit of a rest at the moment - I got a flint through the front tyre, replaced it so I could get home, but the tyre is not up to the pressure I normally run at so I've had to order some new ones. But that's ok, because I've managed this weekend to change to the very skinny tyres GG bought me for Christmas on the Kona, and put my new bar tape on too. So I've transferred my headlight over and I'll commute on that tomorrow. :-)

Kona Front 2006

Apart from that, I've managed to get a little knitting done, and finish filling the holes behind the fridge in the kitchen. They just need painting. I'll get that done in a mo, and that'll be something else off the list. I'm aiming to get some more washing in too. GG managed to paint the bathroom bits that just needed touching up, so I'll get it cleaned next and that'll be better. We got everything a bit more tidy too, so fingers crossed for a good couple of valuations tomorrow. Once the coving is done, I'll put it on the market, so hopefully by next weekend...

Eep! It's all a bit scary to be honest...

Got some cooking to do yet this evening, and tidying up the kitchen after all the stuff we've been doing in there this weekend. It's been a good weekend for food too. I'll update the diary soon...

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