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Even though it's Monday!

Having had a lovely 4 day weekend, all spent with GG, she has just left to go home. One day we won't have to do this anymore. One day we'll actually live together, and Sundays (or Mondays) can go back to being normal days.

Today we went for a bike ride. We'd been putting it off all weekend, because GG didn't feel so well on Friday, and the weather hasn't been great since. Today it looked lovely and sunny, bit of a breeze maybe, but good anyway. So off we went to Ely, about 7.5 miles away. It was lovely on the way there, flat roads, not too much traffic, wind behind us, sun out... Then we got to Ely, discovered the local hardware stores actually shut for Easter (I need some pliers... More later...) and went down to the river to eat the picnic we'd brought with us. And we fed the ducks (actually more swans, but there you are) on some of my left-over bread.

The wind was getting a little chill then, and some clouds had come over, but I figured we'd warm up on the way home. So off we went. Remember the wind was behind us on the way to Ely? Yeah... In our faces all the way home. And the clouds started getting thicker... Then I felt some rain. Then a bit more. Then the noise on the helmet changed... Hailstones. Oh yeah. With the wind in your face. So the hail comes in nicely. Suddenly it wasn't quite so much fun anymore!

Made it home eventually, and GG even says she'll go for another ride with me sometime... But she's checking the weather forecast first. And she did need tea quite urgently. Mind you, so did I!

So much for my scouting ability. Be (un) prepared!

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