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I think this is it. I think I'm finally admitting that I will not get this finished by tomorrow. 

Not enough diamonds

I am just 32 rows off starting the v. That doesn't sound like an awful lot, but I'm only getting through around 4 rows in 30 minutes, what with untangling and whatnot. So that's still 4 hours of knitting. Stupid little things like eating, work and sleep have conspired against me. It should never have come down to this, I know. I bought the wool at Christmas, which is loads of time to knit a vest top.  Still, progress made, and I should have it blocking by Monday evening. 

Today is a little bit exciting, because it is my last day of writing code for the African Farmer Game. Need to iron out as many kinks as I can before hometime. Might be a late one...



Today's progress shot is nearly far enough off to get me to throw in the towel. Nearly.

Argyle progress

I've laid it out on the back, to illustrate how much further there is to go. The only thing stopping me declaring this impossible is that once I get to the armpits I start decreasing rapidly, and I start the V at the same time which simplifies the colourwork as well as reducing the stitches. 

The problem I had last night was that my wool kept getting tangled. See, for those that don't knit, this effect is achieved by having multiple balls of yarn on the go. One per colour block. For me, that's 4 blocks of dark grey, 2 blocks of black and 1 of light grey, plus the 6 for the thin lines of colour. That is 13 bits of yarn. On each row, each two adjacent yarns need to be twisted together. I've heard there are ways to be ever so careful and keep things neat, but I am not that kind of knitter. This is the outcome: 

Tangled argyle

And actually, that's the improved, recently sorted out look. I probably lost 20-30 minutes last night, just sorting out tangles. Dammit! Still, ever onwards...