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The fall and rise of a bathroom - conclusion

It is done!

bathroom shower/bath

We've got our new towels on the towel rail, our shampoos etc back on the bath, and a brand new bottle of bath bubbles that I tested on Saturday after my run. Lovely. 

You'll no doubt have noticed that you can't see the door in that shot, whereas normally you can. That's because the door was in such a lousy state that Clarkie took it off, sanded it, and we're still in the process of painting it before rehanging it. Sadly this probably means we'll end up doing the rest of the doors upstairs, and probably the rest of the woodwork too - something we've been avoiding since we moved in. It'll look better in the long run. 

bathroom sink

The sink, complete with splashback tiles. We're desperately trying not to put all the crap back in that we used to keep on the windowledge. Clarkie has hidden our toothbrushes on this end of the windowledge, and we've bought a shiny new bin to match. 

bathroom toilet

We've now got a skewer thing to store our toilet rolls on, but unfortunately the nice new loo roll holder we bought was missing a screw, so it's not quite made it onto the wall yet. Oh, and you can also see the nice chrome light pulls we got. (I say we, but the purchasing was all done by Clarkie after she got a PB at parkrun on Saturday and I was going for my run. She has excellent taste in accessories.)

Again, having removed the stuff from the back there, we're really loath to put anything back. However, there are certain things that belong in a bathroom, so we'll need to find something to keep them in. Not sure what yet. 

So barring the door, this little adventure has reached a very satisfactory conclusion! 


The rise and fall of a bathroom - part 9

So close. Get this: last night I had a shower at home. Oh yes. Very close now. 

bathroom shower/bath

The shower is back on the wall. The shower screen is up. The bath panel is in place, and you can just see the flooring too. I had a shower last night and it no longer shudders and whines when it's turned on either. Yay!

bathroom towel rail

The towel rail is now plumbed in. I really like that they put chrome legs on it - I was worrying that it would be copper. Also look how neat those holes are. That's a better shot of the floor too. We didn't specify extending the offset pattern to the floor, but I'm very glad they did. It's the same flooring as we put down in my kitchen in Haddenham, and after nearly 2 weeks of grotty floorboards it feels lovely. And we have skirting boards without extra grooves in them to collect dust! I'm so pleased. 

bathroom sink

The sink is in the room! Not plumbed in yet (which is why the toothbrush is still on the end of the bath). But still. 

bathroom toilet

Toilet end has not changed much since yesterday other than the flooring.

Really nearly finished. It'll be nice to pull everything back together. We've treated ourselves to a matching towel set and everything. 


The fall and rise of a bathroom - part 8

The photos aren't as light today. My camera has decided it doesn't need the flash any more so obviously the room is lighter, it just doesn't look it in the photos. 

Bathroom bath/shower

The grouting has been done. The brick effect is now much more subtle. A second coat of paint has gone on too, so it's starting to look a lot more finished. And look! A towel rail...

bathroom towel rail

We wanted to replace the tiny, slightly rusty radiator and have nice warm towels. It still needs plumbing in, but this looks just about right. Especially as the door now won't hit it (the previous towel rail was behind the door).

bathroom fan

This is another one of those photos that will look completely mundane to everyone else. That is the cover on the extractor fan. We have had a hole in our ceiling for nearly 6 years now, and that cover finally hides it. Fabulous. 

bathroom sink

Still no sink. There is a little bit of a gap along the edge of the tiles that I'm hoping the plumber is intending to fill - it's just because the wall isn't 100% flat in spite of the plasterboard and freshly plastered walls. 

bathroom toilet

The bit behind the toilet has now been tiled as well. It's looking like a room again. 

It's all rather gleamingly white and chrome at the moment. Which I really like, but I'm glad we've gone for a darker floor. Packets of the flooring have appeared, so maybe that will be done today? I've been quite enjoying the bath in the evenings already, so I can't wait to get it all finished. I know Clarkie is desperate to get all the stuff back in the right place too, so let's hope they finish on time. 


The fall and rise of a bathroom - part 7

It feels like we're getting close now. Which is good, because it's supposed to be finished by the weekend!

bathroom shower/bath

The tiling is done bar the grouting we think. Nice and neat on the sloping bit at the top. Also nice and neat around the shower (not that you can see it from there). The exposed pipes are now hidden under plaster and tiles this time, rather than just tiles. 

bathroom sink

No sink, and no tiles along the back of it! But the tiling continues rather nicely around the edge of the window. 

bathroom toilet

The top of the section behind the loo has been tiled. I think he said he was going to do behind the loo too, which obviously hasn't been done yet. Not sure why. Maybe he ran out of time (there are a few fiddly bits in the tiling he did yesterday after all) or maybe he's waiting to put the floor down and get the toilet level right. I'm sort of assuming that the floor is why we don't have a sink yet too. The ceiling was patched yesterday, so who knows? Maybe today. 

I'm getting the hang of using the bath post-run/cycle for a sluice off, but still doing most of my washing in the shower at uni. Looking forward to getting our shower back. It's going to be gleamingly white when it's done. Must pick up some bubble bath... 


The fall and rise of a bathroom - part 6

We went to visit the nice, shiny, completed bathrooms at my parents' house over the weekend, and progress on Friday consisted of completing a small but intricate piece of plastering. That's important, but doesn't look amazing in photos, so we'll start again with what it looked like this morning. 

bathroom shower/bath

We have some tiles! Those are 25x20cm, and fairly obviously plain white. Nothing fussy here, thanks. The brick pattern looks good though, huh?

bathroom sink

White paint on the walls! Obviously still no sink, and the tiles need to keep coming around that corner, but definite progress. There will also be a couple of tiles as a splash-back behind the sink. 

bathroom toilet

More lovely white paint behind the toilet. That curve that you can't really see between the sloped bit and the window is the small-but-intricate bit of plastering. Behind the toilet is apparently also going to be tiled. 

The other exciting thing that happened yesterday is that the electrician came. 

bathroom light

We now have four shiny new bathroom lights (as opposed to the lights that weren't really meant for bathrooms at all and only 2 of the 4 worked). The pull chord there is for a new extractor fan too. Previously (the square hole in the plaster) that was for the electric shower - I'm guessing they've changed everything out from that though. In the past there was just a hole in the ceiling, so I'm hoping that this will really help to keep the moisture down. 

We're getting there. Slowly but surely.