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Bedroom rejuvenation

Back when we moved into this house, the main bedroom was purple. Lilac really, with pale green accents. Sort of a toned-down Wimbledon. Lots of people like it as a colour, I understand that. We, however, didn't. So, in the week before the furniture arrived and while Clarkie was off playing cricket, I painted it. I looked at the curtains I'd brought with me (which are really thick), and chose a teal and a stucco colour (sort of mushroom) to go with them. Two walls got done in each colour, completely ignoring the fact that the purple carpet didn't go with them. Also (due to the living room also needing serious repainting) I didn't quite get to do the ceiling, or the gloss-work. 

So 6 years on, we were still living with the purple carpet, which by now was demonstrating its (lack of) quality by making crinkling noises every time we stood on it. The ceiling was a little grubby in places, and getting the windows replaced had resulted in some big holes in the teal around the window. 

Then Clarkie changed jobs, and due to a combination of events she ended up having to use-or-lose three days of holiday in December, but not at Christmas. She decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to re-floor the bedroom with laminate. Of course, before that happened it would make sense to decorate, right? And before that could happen, we had to empty everything out of the room. Well, almost everything. The wardrobe won't actually fit out of the door. 

I'll admit, I thought this sounded like a bit of an extreme task. But I didn't like the purple carpet either, so we headed out to Wicks one rainy Saturday (I can't actually remember if it was raining, but given this Winter it's a pretty safe bet) and purchased all of the necessary stuff. We cleared the room and painted the ceiling and walls on Day 1. Day 2, Clarkie had to visit her Dad for a large chunk of the day, so I got the gloss-work done (mostly - the door took another coat). The good thing was she also managed to borrow her Dad's piano trolley, so now the wardrobe was at least mobile. Day 3 we cleared out the carpet and got it to the dump before Clarkie had to go to Guildford for cricket training. So it was Day 4 before we started on the floor in earnest. 


Part-way through, with wardrobe still on the skateboard. We were sleeping in the spare room. 

This meant that on Day 5 (the three days were taken either side of a weekend) we had the difficult edge bits to do, the edging, all the furniture to reassemble... 

We didn't quite make it. The edging didn't quite get done. The rest did though, and the edging got done the following weekend. And now we have a lovely, clean, fresh, not-at-all-purple-or-crinkly bedroom.

Bedroom decoration finished

The sun even came out for the picture!