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New Garden

Of course, with a new home I also have a new garden. I've been holding off posting about it, waiting for a chance to get a photo, but I'm never home in daylight at the moment during the week, and have no internet access from home at the weekends. What I do have is the sketch I made for the measurements:

Garden Dimensions

The house is at the top of the picture, which is also sort of North, North-West-ish. It's an odd shape because of the garages either side and the conservatory. The rest of the garden is... well... mud. There are some paving slabs, but other than that it is what is known as a 'blank canvas'. There is a large tree that sits at the bottom right (in that sketch) just behind the fence, which currently has no leaves but will cause some shade when it does. The soil looks a bit on the unimproved clay side, which is currently holding water nicely but will dry like concrete come summer, plus there's a fair bit of construction rubbish around.

I'm not rushing, but I have some ideas I'm toying with. I need to start sketching them so I can share them properly with Clarkie. We're defintely not at the stage of monthly shots yet, but it's a whole new wonderful space to play with!