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I've been doing a little bit of rearranging on this here blog thing.

I decided that the archive in the menu was getting a bit extended. Although I like browsing back through time and so on, I figured that the category thing is more interesting. So I've left the category list on the main page, and put a new archive page in that will still have all of the monthly links for the entire site on it.

I've tidied up the navigation a little too. I've put the blog I used for my university stuff and the Christmas fun flash thing into a mothballed folder. I'm not adding to them, they aren't that interesting, but I don't want to remove them. The university bit has some interesting snippets here and there, and you never know when I might need it. And I still quite enjoy exploding the snowman...

In my about me page, I've updated the blurb a little, and added links to the various social sites I'm on. So if you want to find me out and about on the web, now you can. The glaring (I guess) omission is my facebook page. If you can't find me on facebook chances are you don't know me well enough for me to add you as a friend!

The final change is that I've added another journal-type page. This is for my rough notes. It's also buried in the mothballed page because it's probably not going to particularly legible. The last post I put up here, on the UX Brighton night, was probably a little dry for most people. So I thought I'd put those sorts of posts (and the notes I wrote it from) in the rough notes sections and if I ever need to refer to them I've got them somewhere searchable. I could hide the whole page, so I'm the only one who can see it, but I figure it does no harm to show it. I've got it hooked up to post from email. I'm intending to use my new iPod to take notes, then send them direct to the site for storage. We'll see how it goes.