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Cute cat shot

There is almost nothing cute about this cat. She hisses when you get close, and bites if you get closer. She craps in my veg patch. She is our neighbour's cat, who is not allowed in their house. We nicknamed her Roadkill on account of the delicate and ladylike positions she gets herself into when sunbathing.

Let sleeping cats lie

We lost* a panel in the side of our greenhouse in the first storms of the winter, back in December. The cat has adopted this position throughout the rest of the winter, sometimes for so long that I've gone out to get hissed at, just to check she's still breathing. 

The cute cat pic was just a pretext for posting a knitting update:


There's more, but not quite enough. Fortunately I've already done the back, and Clarkie is kind of used to me by now and isn't really expecting it to be finished. Of course, that's all the more reason to get it done!


* I say lost. It's plastic, so it blew out and hit the back of the house. We still have it, we just haven't put it back yet.