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I think this is it. I think I'm finally admitting that I will not get this finished by tomorrow. 

Not enough diamonds

I am just 32 rows off starting the v. That doesn't sound like an awful lot, but I'm only getting through around 4 rows in 30 minutes, what with untangling and whatnot. So that's still 4 hours of knitting. Stupid little things like eating, work and sleep have conspired against me. It should never have come down to this, I know. I bought the wool at Christmas, which is loads of time to knit a vest top.  Still, progress made, and I should have it blocking by Monday evening. 

Today is a little bit exciting, because it is my last day of writing code for the African Farmer Game. Need to iron out as many kinks as I can before hometime. Might be a late one...