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On the make

Happy Christmas everyone! Yeah, I'm a bit late. I got another cold, a pretty good one this time. So I've been mostly sitting around coughing and feeling a bit sorry for myself. I think I managed to not totally irritate everyone on Christmas Day though, and I had a large portion of turkey, managed several pigs in blankets, and some very crunchy roast potatoes amongst other good things, and if that doesn't set a person on the road to recovery I don't know what will. 

(Actually, I honestly don't know what will. Colds, huh?)

I got a large amount of black wool from Clarkie, which I will get hours of fun from as I intend to make Veronik Avery's Military Cardigan, from Knitting Vintage Style. I was very good though, and didn't start it immediately. I still have another jumper on the needles. My other knitting-related present was Barbara Walker's Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns. I suspected I might be getting something along these lines, so I had taken a couple of balls of scrap yarn and some needles. Just in case. (And a half-finished sock. Can't be too careful.) So I happily spent the afternoon exploring mosaic knitting. (I'm still not sure how it works, but I believe it does now. I wasn't sure before I tried it.) There is a lot more fun to be had from these books...

One of the biggest tell-tales for how ill I am is that when I'm home all day I sit and do nothing. I mean nothing. I barely even knit. It's very sad. So it was some relief to discover that yesterday I actually had enough energy and will to bust out the sewing machine. We've been and redecorated our bedroom (I should blog that, huh?) and in the course of doing so completely removed all of the stuff. Putting it all back seemed like a good opportunity to go through things and thin a little. I found a pair of trousers that I like but needed hemming, and the red hippo skirt I made last year that now falls off me. So ostensibly I started out yesterday just hemming and taking in. Easy. 

The other part of the thinning and tidying is that I've been discovering certain objects that have no home, or an inadequate one. I've made a list, and now I'm trying to solve them. While the sewing machine was already out, I thought I'd tidy up a project I started a while back to store my earrings (why does this feel like possibly the girliest post I've ever made?!). 

It's a variation on an idea found on this blog post. I found it by googling, and honestly, there's a lot of fun to be had googling storage solutions. Some of Martha Stewart's are fascinating (if you have a palace). In the blogpost, she uses a piece of felt inside another, with the earrings pushed through the inner piece. I liked the idea, but didn't have any felt large enough. I did have an offcut of a wool blanket (most of it is inside a quilt), which being woven looked like it would work brilliantly. So I used that, and some more of my upholstery fabric stash for the outer. 

Earring holder Earring holder

Earring holder Earring holder

I haven't bothered with a proper closure, as this is only going to sit in my drawer. But it works a treat! The hoops are on pins. I don't often wear my dangly earrings, but now I can see what I have in one place and that makes it easier. As a result, I remembered and wore my Mickey Mouse earrings at Christmas. I can see improvements could be made to this - a stiffer case might be nice, a way to hang it up would be useful - but it's much better than the small pot and various boxes I had before. 

Then I still had the sewing machine out, Clarkie was still at work... I decided to deal with the belts. My belts have never had a home. They eventually sort of lived on the top of a chest of drawers, but we're not putting that back in the bedroom so they are homeless again. I googled again. I only have four belts, one of which doesn't have a traditional buckle, and this time I drew a bit of a blank. So I've improvised, and created a set of hanging, front-loading pockets that tie onto a hanger. Not clear? Try a photo. 

Hanging belt storage Hanging belt storage

(Yes, it's the hippo fabric again. I still have loads left.)

It's pretty straightforward. A long strip of fabric, hemmed (I cheated and used the selvedge - it's not going to be seen), folded in half longways and a line of stitching at various points to make the pockets. I made the ties, but ribbon would have been easier and possibly prettier. It holds my belts, hides in the wardrobe, and job's a good'un. 

I'm nearly well enough to try running again. In the meantime, wonder what I can make today?