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Garden diary - more compost

Not a very visually-exciting update this week. I was out gallavanting in Oxford with two of my longest-suffering friends on Saturday, which was lovely. We started with a spot of lunch and some drinks in the Old Bank Hotel, went for a wander along the river before going for a pot of tea each in the Ashmolean Dining Room, and finally finishing off with a very lovely meal in the Turl Street Kitchen. Seriously, the chocolate brownie was fabulous. The company was pretty good too. It's been a while since we got together, and a catch-up was well overdue. 

This, along with three (sunny! Oh wow!) days last week with the Women's Cricket Association Golf Society (WCAGS for 'short'), meant that come Sunday all I really wanted to do was nap. So I did. It was rather lovely. 

Still, Clarkie got a bed dug over on Saturday, working in two more bags of compost. I then sprinkled it with some seed for some 'bird-friendly annuals' from Sainsbury's on Sunday. Fingers crossed at least some of it will grow, but for now it really doesn't make for the most stunning picture! 

Compost tally:

  • 200l of General purpose compost
  • 90l of Ericaceous compost