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I've been away this week, at a conference in Toulouse. It was my first visit, and it was lovely!

3 Sep 2012 17:14

The Place de la Capitole on my first evening (Monday). I don't know what was going on with the cows, but they disappeared and reappeared around the city. They moved every night while I was there.

There isn't a lot of spare time at a conference... Between all the thinking is lots of food and drink time. Lovely food too, being in France. I got a hotel that was just over a mile from the conference, which was at University of Toulouse. I walked every morning, picking up a pain au chocolat from a boulangerie on the way. It was beautifully warm too. The walk to and from the university was very pleasant indeed.

One of my colleagues had sent me a recommendation to go and visit the Basilica of St-Sernin. Sadly I didn't get there while it was open, but I did detour on my walk in.
5 Sep 2012 06:32
What I found most strange was that it was all brick, not the stone I'm used to. They were skinny bricks too. Must have taken ages! Really nice shapes.

Apparently Clarkie got asked if she was sure I wasn't off on a jolly. I think conferences are kind of a jolly for academics. Not just the food and wine, but the conversation and swapping of ideas is really good fun. Bloody knackering though!