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In the kingdom of the blind

Whoops, bit of a lull again. Things are afoot, but I need to keep them under my hat for a little while longer, so instead I just look a bit rubbish. Such is life. 

First things first, I did finish Clarkie's top. Just rather later than the Monday. Somehow when the deadline was already past it felt like the pressure was off. Still, it fits rather well, and I think we are both quite pleased with it. 

CBJ 14

She has even asked for another, so it's a good job that I wrote down full and detailed instructions for this one! No, for once I really did. She can have as many of these as she likes. 

Today I have had a sewing epiphany. I mentioned recently that I am short, and have to shorten all my trousers. Well, today I had a pair to do that I wasn't looking forward to. One of those smarter types, with the hidden hem thing going on. The kind of hem that I've always done by hand because I didn't know how to do them on the machine which is tedious and I've never been really happy with the finished result. But needs must, so I sat myself down to the task today when suddenly it occurred to me that there had to be a better way. So I googled. 

I discovered that that kind of hem is called a 'blind hem'. I discovered that you can do those on the machine, if you have a 'blind hem foot'. I found a tutorial that made it sound easy. And best of all I discovered that included in the many random sewing machine feet that I haven't worked out what to do with that came with my sewing machine is a blind hem foot. 

Blind hem foot

I need fear those hems no more. I have conquered them. This has been a very good day. 

I can't help wonder why (given that I've always been short) my home economics teacher didn't see fit to teach me this. I'm giving Mum the benefit of the doubt and assuming that this is news to her too. Seriously, if you are also short, or have trousers to turn up for someone else, have a read of that link. 

Makes me wonder what the other random feet do...