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It had to happen

I missed the bus.

Not A bus, THE bus. There is one-and-only-one bus per day from the universities to Woodingdean. THE bus takes 20 minutes, if I miss it I have to take two buses that combined take an hour.

And I watched it pull away from the stop, when I was too far away. Then I watched it pull away from the next stop too. And I cursed, for THE bus is never on time when it's raining and cold and I've got there early. Never.

Fortunately there is a quirk in the route at Brighton University that has two stops opposite each other before a loop. I caught the next bus (number unimportant, all buses go that way), and managed to catch THE bus on the way back out. Just. Combined with trying to stop by the doctor's this morning, that has made it a 5 bus day (all different numbers).

It's a 7 mile round trip.

This is what I get for being too lazy to run into town like I was supposed to and get any of the frequent, bountiful buses from there.

I think I'll work from home tomorrow!