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Late, late, late. But hopefully excusably so.

Upper lawn 1/11/2010

It may have been the start of November, but things are definitely still growing out there. Nasturtiums are still flowering, for goodness sake

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Only halfway through the month this time! 

Upper lawn view 1 Oct 2010

The lawn's looking a little shaggy, and just beginning to get leaves falling on it. The nasturtium were a little late getting going this year - I think it was the dry and chilly start we had to the summer - but they are now getting going just in time to get frosted! Time to make some pesto to get through the Winter again I reckon.

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Whoops! Just squeaking in before the end of the month again!

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Thought I'd better sneak a post in before the end of August! It started busy, then I went on holiday, then it was busy, and then I got sick. Sums it up pretty well! One thing I did manage to do before all of that kicked off is get the garden photos taken, so I guess I'd better blog 'em before the next ones are due...

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We've been having some very, very dry weather recently. In fact, I think it's been around 6 weeks since we had any rain. My 4 water butts are running rather low but are not yet empty - I'm pleased that we put the bath/reedbed in, because that is reducing the number of pots I have to water from the water butts by 5. Also, I'm now collecting the overspill and using that to water the new trees and various other bits. 

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