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January 2010

Now I get to look and compare the garden to last year, but I think I'll stick with reviewing as is. I have just had a look back though, and am slightly embarrassed to note that I've been wanting to put a fence in for a year now! Best push that up the priorities list I guess... 

Having mentioned the upper slope, I'll start with that. 

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Wow. A full year of photos. Interesting stuff - for me, anyway! 

November was a little windy, and there's wind damage visible in some of the photos. I also took the photos before I left for work, so the light isn't ideal. But it was December 1st, so I did my best. 

Starting out back, the leaves have all gone from the trees. Well, there's a couple hanging onto the hazel, but that's about it. I don't know where they've gone, either. I definitely haven't collected as many this year - which is a shame, because the leaf mould from last year was really handy. The winter jasmine is flowering, which is good. The trellis I put across the top of the fence blew off, which is a shame. 

Back lawn 12/2009

The lower view is a bit blurry. The reflections are worse than normal. 

Back lawn 12/2009

On the concrete, you can see that one of the sedums in the tub closest to the house got blown over, and I'm concerned that it's ripped up the roots too. Those two were cuttings taken from the one in the scooter bed, so I guess it's not the end of the world. I also really need to replant the tubs! And put the water feature away before we get proper frosts - we really haven't had any proper frost yet, I still have nasturtium leaves out there. I also really need to sort out the greenhouse and get it ready for next year! 

concrete 12/2009

The upper slope out front has so much more in it this year than last. The viburnum is flowering its socks off this year, which is good. I don't think it flowered at all last year! I still really need to define the edge of our garden from next door, and get it tidied. I think I've said that every month this year. I have added a lot more bulbs out there, daffodils, alliums, so hopefully they will show their heads next Spring. The little pear tree will be pruned in January I think. It's still got a couple of leaves clinging to it - it's definitely made it through the first year! Now just to help it grow stronger. The forsythia needs a really good haircut again, but it'll flower first. I need to sort out the slate edging too. The plumber stuck a ladder in there, and knocked it all over. 

Upper slope 12/2009

The view across the path looks so different once all the leaves have fallen off the current. Much more open. Lots of plastic visible still, as I try and sort out the weeds around the edges. It's always a work in progress!

Path 12/2009

The veg bed doesn't have a lot going on right now. We ate the first of the leeks in a risotto the other day, but there are loads more! The broccoli is now very strange shapes from the wind. I should have supported it I suppose - another live and learn! We'll have to see if it still produces anything. The leaves have gone from the apple trees. 

veg bed 12/2009

The terraces are producing quite a lot of chard, which is great! I think the salad burnett is about to start being edible again too. The parsley that's gone to seed needs me to harvest the seed and chop it down. And the large box of rubbish that the plumber left us needs tidying up too. More bulbs have gone in there too. 

terraces 12/2009

I'm going to keep going with this photo thing. I've found it really interesting to watch the garden change through the year, but now I want to see the same view in the same month years apart. 



November 1st. I'm bang on time - something is surely wrong!

Lawn view 01/11/09

The back garden is looking a little tatty around the edges still. A little more tidy than last month - but a little darker too. November has started out wet. The leaves are coming down off the big tree, which is great for next year's leaf mould. I've tidied up the back of the scooter bed, and filled it with some Japanese anemones from my parents' garden, so hopefully this time next year that side should look great (as long as they take). I've also been planting bulbs in the back there to try and brighten it up next Spring - again, we'll have to see how I do! 

Lower lawn 01/11/09

The lower view seems to have more reflections than normal. Sorry about that. Not a huge amount flowering out there at the moment. Maybe I'll have a think about that and try and improve for next year. 

Concrete 01/11/09

The concrete is significantly tidier than last month. We had a blitz on it, took loads of stuff to the dump, sorted out the shed. All brilliant. A couple of things (notably that bag of compost) have snuck back out there, so I'll try and sort that out again. I rather liked it tidy. The other major change is mostly hidden by the greenhouse, but the pot on the right side of the shed has been replaced by a large wooden planter. It needs a lot more plants in it, but I was slightly lacking inspiration when we went shopping. Almost unheard of! 

The sedum still looks pretty good, and the carrots are still growing well in the yellow tubs. The water feature pot needs clearing out now I think, and the greenhouse does too. Desperately. Maybe next weekend - if the weather is kind. Not that it needs to be for the greenhouse!

Upper slope 01/11/09

The upper slope is retreating into dormancy again as well. The little pear tree is now looking a lot more settled, and I hope it's made it through the most delicate period. Maybe when it drops its leaves I'll take the cane away and let it strengthen up a bit over winter. I've put lots more bulbs in around the base of it so hopefully next spring will be brightened up, and I'm really pleased that some of last year's cyclamen have started flowering again. The viburnum looks like it's about to flower as well, although that's quite tricky to pick out on this shot. I'd still really like to put a fence up across the back and get it properly tidied up. Maybe this winter, if I'm lucky. 

Veg bed 01/11/09

The veg bed is still showing signs of life. I dug up those volunteer potatoes that were swamping everything, and got lots of spuds. Unfortunately we had the same problem with cooking them this year as last - they just go to mush really really quickly, and taste quite bad. Very disappointing. Fortunately they were volunteers and we've had lots of good potatoes this year already. The broccoli was looking really good yesterday, but today it's blown over. I need to protect it from the pigeons soon anyway, so I'll get it sorted out. The leeks are coming on, so that's good. Time to plan for next year soon... And no, my garden planner still isn't finished. Work getting in the way, how rude is that?!

The other thing you can just pick out on this shot is that I've started trying to kill off the grass in the meadow outside of the row of lavender and rosemary that I hope will eventually knit into a hedge of sorts. I've used last year's partially rotted leaf mould as mulch, and planted through that with low-growing plants. It's particularly noticeable in front of the small bench, where the bright green mossy saxifrage shows up well. Fingers crossed this will eventually mean the 'meadow' becomes more manageable. I have more plans for the rest of it, we'll see how they progress. 

Terraces 01/11/09

The terraces got the rest of the leaf mould on the bottom one where the soil was particularly rubbish, and on the bit of slope we didn't dig out that's been under plastic all summer to try and kill off the weeds. The chard is now producing enough for around a meal per week, which is great news. My plans for the meadow involve moving some (or maybe all, I haven't decided) of the salad burnett from these, so next year I will hopefully have more room for things like lettuce, rocket and kale that this year got a little bit lost in the main veg bed at times. 

Path 01/11/09

Finally, across the path. I've still got plenty of plastic down to try and kill of some of the more pernicious weeds. The alpine strawberries are still looking pretty lush down that edge of the path too. 

So, the garden is not looking at its best, but not too bad for November. I'm starting to plot the best way to present all of these photos I'm taking - it's fascinating to run the slide shows of the sets in flickr, but I'd like to present them here in a slightly more user friendly way. I have some ideas, next challenge is pulling it together. Those long winter evenings ahead are going to be a perfect time to work on it! I don't see this series stopping any time soon - I can't wait to have more than one year for comparison!



It's that time of the month again. Photo time! I had a little trouble with this month because it's not quite light enough first thing, and then I got into the swing of getting ready for work and missed the 1st. Still, got the photos on the 2nd, so not too bad. 

Before I show the photos, I'm feeling that it looks just a smidge, well, scruffy. I know it's Autumn, and things are looking a little past their best, but I also haven't been keeping on top of the jobs so well. Which is not to say they are a chore, but I've been away at the weekends and the light in the evening doesn't really allow me to catch up.

Clearly I'm a little defensive! Maybe I can prepare for this next year and work out what needs to change to make it easier.

Anyhow, back garden from the top down.

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The September shots were taken on August 31st, seeing as it was a bank holiday. Close enough, although some things did change later in the day!

Back garden to start with.

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