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This month I've been really bad. Still, as I said, the photos were taken on August 1st, just like I said. It's got to be said, it's not just the blog that has had reduced attention thanks to the job - the garden is not looking quite as well kept either! 

The upstairs view of the back garden. 

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I didn't forget, I took the photos on time. I just haven't quite managed to blog them yet! So here goes...

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Time for the monthly photos again! And I am so chuffed with how it's looking this month.

The back garden has filled out a lot. There's a lot more space still to fill, but the foxgloves I grew from seed - oh, two years ago? - have come into bloom and are buzzing with bees.The roses are coming out and the Gloriana rose climbing the bird table is looking amazing and growing really strongly.

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Everything seems to have put on a massive spurt in the last month, and I had a real 'squeee' moment watching the garden this morning as a couple of blue tits appeared to be eating the aphids off the rose under the bird table, then sat (briefly) in the greengage tree. I can also hear the baby starlings squeaking in their nest in the neighbour's loft. Sweet! (Glad they aren't in our loft though...)

The back garden has been through a bit of a change this month, but look at all those leaves! Wow.

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Yesterday was April Fool's Day, so it's time for another garden update. Sorry if you don't like the garden pictures! There is more visible change this month, really honestly truly.

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