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I'm back! Holiday posts will be on their way, but I missed the start of the month so it's time for some belated garden pictures. There is lots of stuff sprouting, but mostly on a fine scale still... I know, excuses excuses.

Starting with the back garden.

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Updated on Monday, February 2, 2009 at 09:53 by Registered Commentermartian77

Time for the second set of monthly photos. In all honesty, they don't look much different to last month!

Again, starting with the back garden.

View from living room

The reflection was bad today, so you'll have to excuse that. Not sure you can spot this one, but next door's cat is hiding behind the euonymus. This is a better shot from upstairs:

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A new project

As it's a new year, I figured it's as good a time as any (and perhaps better than some?) to start  a new project. I thought I might try to take some photos of the garden at the start of each month - or as close as I can. I'm not going to kill myself to try and capture the first of the month, I might be away, or may not be home in the light. Today though, I did manage.

I'll start with the back garden.

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