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Here we go!

So, the big things happening that I mentioned in my last post. I'm pretty sure I've now told the people who really needed to hear from me directly, so I can share it on the blog.

I got a job. I'm still writing up my PhD, and I will be for a while yet, but I have a job that starts middle of June. I'm leaving academia again and going back to PHP development. There are a few different reasons for this to do with priorities and lifestyle choices and so on. I've dropped in and out of academia a couple of times now, and I feel that this time I have a really strong understanding of what I'm doing and why it's the right thing for me, so if the PhD has given me nothing else (and I do feel it's given me plenty, don't worry) that's not a bad thing.

The catch is that the job is just outside of Didcot, and we live around 2, 2.5 hours from there at the moment. So we're moving. Which in turn means that Clarkie needed to find a new job... Which she has, in Oxford. It appears we're both kind of employable, so that's nice.

So now we 'just' have to sell our house and find somewhere to live.

for sale

Our house is on the market but not on the website yet - waiting for the photos. Those have been taken though. The house is so unbelievably tidy right now. It's amazing. I'm a little scared to move in it. (The garden really isn't, but hey, can't win them all.) We've filled out a bunch of solicitor documentation and we have an open house booked for May 31st, so that's all nicely on the go.

At the other end, we've made a reservation for a new build house in Didcot. Again, lots of documentation has been gone through, we're looking to pick options, all whizzing along quite happily. The only catch with that is that it won't be built until maybe March, maybe a little earlier if we're lucky. So we need to rent somewhere in the meantime. With a little bit of luck we'll get that in progress this coming weekend.

So yeah, busy busy busy. Oh, and did I mention I'm still writing up a PhD thesis?!