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Batgirl runs again

Today was the 6th birthday run for Brighton and Hove parkrun. We haven't been going to parkrun much recently - marathon miles kind of take precedence - but I've got a study on tomorrow so I'm holding off on my long run until Monday. The birthday runs are an optional fancy dress, so I thought I'd revive the Batgirl costume I wore for the last Hero's Run I managed to get to.


It was even warmer than I remembered, with every hot exhale getting circulated around inside that headgear. I was extremely sweaty by the end. I managed to keep it on for the full 5k though, and on the first lap on the way past the playground I heard one of the kids saying "Mummy, Mummy! I saw Batman!".



Hark! Is that the sound of time's winged chariot whizzing past once more? I believe it may be. Whoops. Time for a quick round up, I guess. 

The weekend after the Bath Half it was Clarkie's turn. The Cambridge Half this time. The weather had changed somewhat, and not for the better. It snowed for the build up and the first... oh, hour I'd say. Wet, sleety snow. I, however, was perfectly dressed for my role of jumping up and down and cheering like a loon as all the runners went filing past. 


Note to self: Get rid of that hat. It doesn't fit. In that jacket and my waterproof trousers I often feel like I'm in my own reeeally small tent. I stay so dry and cosy. I had a cracking time, and it turned out I knew about 6 or 7 runners. Plus the first three home were from Brighton Phoenix, and at least two are regulars at Brighton & Hove parkrun (not that they knew me - they normally whizz past so fast they can't possibly see anything...). Sadly, although I had Clarkie's big camera with me I failed to take any decent photos, because she'd been playing with the settings and I didn't think to check. She didn't do as well as she'd hoped, but did finish in spite of the awful cold she had and the atrocious weather, so I'm calling that a win. She even (apparently) indulged in a sprint finish, due to a slightly larger gentleman trying to overtake her. Nothing if not competitive. 

Clarkie'd been playing with the camera settings to take photos while I indulged in a spot of parkrun tourism at Cambridge. Fortunately I thought to take my trail shoes, because it was fun! Oh, and muddy. 


A fellow runner told me it was the first time they'd seen someone running in a woolly cardigan, but it was colder than I had expected. I think I took around 4 minutes off my Cambridge PB, but it's been around 3 years since I last run it which is cheating. Actually I beat my Brighton PB too. Looking forward to getting back to it. 

Last weekend I was a bit tired. I didn't exactly mean to, but I went and spent Sunday making a new cover for my Kindle. It worked out rather well in the end. 

Patchwork kindle cover

The material was a birthday gift 2 birthdays ago from Emma, so that's probably why they tone so nicely. I followed a tutorial from Clover & Violet, and I am really pleased with it. 

Tomorrow we are off for a few days in Berlin. Should be... Well... A little chilly I suspect. But fun even so. March has been really quite a good one so far!