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Garden diary - Pictures at last!

I've spent rather a lot of this weekend in the garden, ignoring pretty much everything else I was supposed to be doing. Whoops. I've made some small bits of progress though, so I guess that excuses me. 

Big blue beach hut

This is the view across the garden. I've not used Clarkie's fancy camera with the wide angle lens for this shot, so I've not got as much in as normal. Ah well. I know having a bright blue shed isn't to everyone's taste. But I figured it wasn't going to disappear anyway, and I like blue. It reminds me a bit of a beach hut, and while I'm not mad keen on the beach I'm really pleased with it. The shed is almost finished now - there's one more piece of fascia to add. I am pleased that we've properly finished the back now though. I can squeeze down between the shed and the back fence, and have had to to finish bits, but it's a bit tight and awkward. I can't squeeze down behind the left hand edge of the shed though. Hope the paint lasts well... 

There is an old friend sitting in the side window of the potting shed.

Guardian of the shed

Mickey suffered a bit in Brighton. I'm not sure he was made for the rigours of the English weather. Hopefully this will suit him though!

I have finally finished painting the fence on the right side of the garden (I'm defining everything as the view from the conservatory).

Right bed

The two plants in pots there are now planted. There are white, red and black currant bushes in there, nearest the house. I'm planning on underplanting them with strawberries. Clearly I still have a way to go, and the plants definitely still have a way to grow. 

The big chunk of my weekend, and the bit that still has the most work needed, was the left hand bed. 

Left bed

This is the bit we didn't get the landscapers to do. That wooden frame on the right is the first of three paths into this large planting space. I'm intending this to be more herbaceous, more flowery than the other two sides. It gets the most sun. I want the paths so that I don't need to tread on the beds to keep things in shape. Eventually they will be lined with something weed-suppressing and bark or gravel or something, but first we have to build the frames. I haven't finished painting that fence either.

Still plenty to do. Many plants to find. But lots of progress so far, so all good!